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Frequent Questions

Dyna 4 Virtual Homes is a real-time virtual and interactive visualization software programmed in Unrel Engine that allows you to tour and experience luxury properties from anywhere in the world.

This tool is a strategic ally for architects, builders, developers and end buyers, as it facilitates project tracking from its sketch to its final stage, through updates and revisions in the cloud. 


Dyna 4 Virtual Homes allow you to try different construction and distribution alternatives, take notes and exchange ideas within the project as if you were actually inside the real construction. In this way, better choices can be made, costs reduced and more accurate content created.

At Dyna 4 Studio, we work with a module system to simplify the quoting process.

We will explain it below:


Dyna 4 Software:

$3.000 One-time payment with the first project.

(includes 4,000 streaming minutes)


Interior Space:

Between $500 and $1,500 per room space.

This range depends on 2 scenarios:

A - if you have all the 3D models or if we have to add it us.

B - Complexity of the spaces.


Outdoor Space:

Between $1,500 and $2,500 Outdoor space.


A complete mansion:

Between $9,000 and $12,000 depending on the amount of spaces.

Includes 4,000 streaming minutes.


3D Architectural Modeling and Representation:

$50 per hour.


Streaming Minute:

$0.10 per minute (see our minute packs).


Advanced Virtual Tools:

Dyna 4 Software contains several advanced tools for different purposes, such as Ruler, Light Study, Upgrader, Materializer, etc. These tools have different values and you can add them if you really need them. Contact us if you are interested in adding it to your Virtual Showroom." 

If you have all the 3D Assets, the cost both indoors and outdoors may be reduced. We will study the case.

This will depends on the amount of space rooms.

Between 5 and 30/45 callendar days.

Sure, there are several options available to you: 


Still renders:

1 -You can capture unlimited screenshots from the Virtual Showroom using your device's screenshot method.

2 - You can request that we create still renders for you using traditional camera render shots.



1 -- Videos can be extracted by capturing a real-time tour using any external video capture software, such as NVIDIA GeForce Experience. This can be done by yourself or by us, depending on your preference. There may be an additional cost for this service.


2 -- We can also create videos for you that resemble cinematic reels, complete with audio and storytelling. This option will incur an additional cost.

We typically allow 3 revisions, but we are flexible if you need more. Our review policy is not overly strict, and we trust your judgment. We believe that you are committed to completing the project in a timely manner.

Unlike traditional rendering, where the cost is per image, in "Virtual Space" the cost is per room from which multiple renders can be extracted, as if a photographer were taking pictures inside a room.

Our priority is to make Dyna 4 Virtual Homes accessible to everyone and easy to experience on everyday devices.

When virtual reality glasses are as common as cell phones today and Virtual Showroom can be streamed over the internet, that will be the moment when it will be compatible