Frequent Questions and Answers

Dyna 4 Studio is a design, visualization and content development studio for architectural projects using the latest real-time image processing technology on the cloud.

In the sales area, project visualization is the tool that offers the builder, architect, investor, a means to close contracts before even laying a brick. In the design area, it will allow you to try multiple options and make decisions almost in a playful way. The ArchViz is here to stay and evolve without limits.Not having this tool today is practically being in the stone age compared to the competition.

While the common denominator of the industry works with the old offline rendering method, all our development is carried out within real-time tools and software in a native way, which means a much more efficient process of reaching the expected results of a more fun and participative way for the client. These new technologies allow us to channel much more energy into the production of interesting and innovative content.

Render Still: 5 business days per space.
Video : (2 minutes long): 45 business days
Virtual Showrooms Interactive Apps: 45 business days
Production times are averages and can vary proportionally depending on the need of each project.

The Virtual Showroom/Home App is the latest technology in the field of digital visualization. You can have your project built in a virtual space viewable from anywhere in the world from any device, whether it is PC, MAC, Tablet, Cell phone or any other touch device as if it were a YouTube video.


In a 100% live and interactive environment, your clients can move through it as if they were really there in real life, so it is much more useful than seeing an image or video where we do not have distance and location references inside the building.


In addition to the above, the Virtual Showrooms and homes Apps are 100% customizable, which means that within it we can do many useful things such as insert explanatory videos, change materials, change times of the day, different decorations and much more, the possibilities are endless!

There is no doubt that this dream tool has come to stay, and especially given the times that run, it will become an inevitable standard in every company that belongs to this industry.

The software is developed on Unreal Engine  and uploaded to our super computers in the cloud with powerful graphics processing cores (GPU). This infrastructure allows users from any device, from anywhere in the world, whatever their device capacity, to connect to these computers and use the application as if they had it installed locally on their own operating system.

The  Application cost is based of 2 variables: 
A - SQ FT. of virtual construction.
B - Fixed Monthly Streaming Fee. 

Consult us for a quote!

Oh yes.

But keep in mind you won´t be able to send your app to your clients thru the web, but only in your local location from your PC computer monitor.

Of course. As in any industry we will find different values ​​of the products on display. But we well know that nobody gives anything away and everything has a reason for being, often hidden from our eyes. The price is directly proportionate to both the quality of the product and the support, work style, experience, etc. etc. The first feeling that triggers us from a low price is distrust.

We proceed according the industry standards. As they say " if something works, don´t touch it". 



STAGE 1 - You send us your blueprints, references  and product request thru e-mail. 
STAGE 2 - We send the budget  all features requested to you.
STAGE 3 - After you approval, we send you the project agreement.
STAGE 4 - First 50% Payment bank deposit.

After party signs we start the project workflow.


STAGE 1 - We build the first approach a send to you for first revision 
STAGE 2 - We work on your modification requested. 
This stage you and us will work like a team with fast feedback and meetings  between parties.

STAGE 3 - Final approval and detail tweaking's 
STAGE 4 - Final 50% Payment bank deposit and full project Deliver in the format required.