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Welcome to the new paradigm of architectural visualization.

Here we will explore in detail what Virtual Showroom technology is all about. 

Please make yourself comfortable.

Dyna 4 Virtual Home Navigation 

( Base Software Module )

This is the standard Virtual Home module. With it, we have all the navigation-related functions, such as navigation interface, keyboard and mouse, on-screen buttons and touch interface.


Take measurements in any area of the project, convert it to meters, feet, or inches with a single touch.


It's not magic, it's technology !

Activate the Materializer tool in the top right menu and Materializer will be activated in the available areas. Tap on the arrows and experience different materialities that will have an influence on the color bleeding due to the light bounce.

On Demand Functions

Often, our design contains special elements or mechanisms. In Virtual Showroom, we can program special functionalities to show these mechanisms and how they work.


What if we wanted to explore different design and construction options in a space and experience it with different lighting contexts? We would have to commission many renders, which would be a tedious and costly process, and we would still not have the freedom we want. Well, that's a thing of the past, UPGRADER is here.

Weather Context

Yes, it can also rain heavily here, so it's best to find shelter.

Light Study

This is one of the stars of Virtual Showroom Luxury Homes.

At Ark Architect says, "Architecture exists because of light. The need to capture, understand, and play with light is one of the keys to the success of our project." Nothing more to add.

Artificial Light Study

In each space, we can experience artificial light, its intensity values, and color temperature.

Interactive Objects

Everything here opens and closes, well almost everything. But the most important thing is that the possibilities of Virtual Showroom Luxury Homes are endless.

So, what are you waiting for? Request a diagnostic with us and let's talk about how to approach your next project using the new real-time visualization paradigm, DYNA 4 VIRTUAL HOMES !

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