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The process

Let's demystify the idea that these processes are complex by explaining

 the pipeline we will use to bring your design to the DYNA 4 VIRTUAL HOMES in 5 steps.


We Met 

We Meet and become friends. In the meantime we listen to your projects requirements and take note. Then we will talk about how Virtual Shorooms will help. We don´t have coffee, sorry.


You send us your design

You can send us your design, either scanned from paper or in any digital format you have.


We Build your Virtual Home

We work in the technical aspects to create the first and inaugural version of you design in the Virtual Showroom.


Virtual Design iteration

This process will be a back-and-forth between you and us. We will iterate on the design in the Dyna 4 Virtual Home and upload updates to the cloud for you to review and experiment with.


We are done!

We will Upload the last version. Now you are ready to send you design to the client and exibit to the world!

We are living in an ideal time where technology has surpassed something we only dreamed of before and there is no doubt that Dyna 4 Virtual Homes will become the industry standard for project preview. We like to call it pre-building : )

We are waiting for you on board!